Company overview

We are a wind energy specialist service provider with competence centres in South Africa and Germany. Our service portfolio consists of several independent expert services for wind turbines, with the aim of providing our customers in Southern Africa and Europe but as well worldwide with the most accurate assessment of their assets.

Our core competencies are on-site assessments such as technical inspections by our experts, for the prevention and diagnosis of damage of wind power plants as well as online monitoring of wind turbine drivetrains and SCADA data to the highest standards through the experts in our control room.

Most probably the biggest upside for our clients is to have peace of mind since they are informed at any point in time about the technical condition of their assets; that their operational risk management is backed up by state of the art technology and vast experience and that in the event of technical issues a strong partner is in their corner from detection of a damage to root cause analysis and failure interpretation.

etaWIND always strives to implement state of the art methods to assist our clients with their operation and their physical asset management. Our fact based decision making and international experience paired with our hands on approach allow us to provide solid  and unbiased advise.

Our mission

Our service offerings will allow you to:

  • Understand the technical condition of your wind turbine
  • Better asses the technical and operational risks
  • Manage your wind turbines efficiently throughout the entire life cycle
  • Make informed decisions and take the correct actions
  • Reduce downtimes by using condition based maintenance methods
  • Increase availability by avoiding unscheduled downtimes
  • Have peace of mind that your assets monitoring is based on the state of the art technology and diagnostics
  • Benchmark your assets against international operations
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