Our three divisions, engineering services, inspection services and monitoring services combined offer a complete set of independent offerings for the operation of wind power plants. We focus on data driven operations in order to reduce downtimes and increase efficiency of our clients wind turbines.

Monitoring Services

Our Health Monitoring Services – State of the art Wind Farm Management is based on predictive maintenance using early fault detection / prevention by Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) to minimise operational risks and future downtimes.

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Inspection Services

We offer you more – We have a variety of industry proven on-site assessment to capture the condition of the wind turbines and its major components as stand alone inspections or to evaluate the magnitude of findings noticed by our Monitoring Services.

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Engineering Services

Based on our vast experience in the wind industry we are able to assist from the first idea of your project over the complete operational lifetime. From technical due diligence, to yield assessment and detailed root cause analyses.

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