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Engineering Services

Our engineering services are based on our vast experience as technical consultants, owners engineers, lenders advisor but as well and owners operators of our own wind turbines.

How is the general technical framework assessed? We clarify issues that arise during the operation of your project in collaboration with your team. Our experienced engineers will provide you with all the necessary information and actively contribute to the clarification / solution.

Regardless at which stage of your project questions arise, we support you at the technical level, in greenfield, development stage, financial close, implementation and operation phases.

“In the recent past project developers, operators and components manufacturers relied on the expertise of our engineers. Our Engineering Services are grouped into technical consultancy and research and development support. Technical consultancy compromised services on project level whereas R&D support provides insight into the highest technical levels.”

Based on our Life Cycle Management understanding we advise holistically and assist you with the successful implementation and operation of your wind energy project.

As owners engineers wed advice on SCADA Data Management; who has the ownership of the data? Is the data recorded and stored in recommend resolution?

Assessment of OEM condition monitoring system, what performance can be expected? Does the monitoring meet your risk management needs? For investors we advise on the purchase and sale of projects.

Please contact us with your needs, we will provide honest feedback if we can add value to your operation. If not we will gladly refer you to vetted specialist who will be able to assist you.

Selected Engineering Services

A major component failure should be investigated in order to learn from the unfortunate event and optimize the fleet to prevent the repetition of similar occurrences.

Insurance companies, banks, investors as well as operators, call on us as to compile damage reports as an independent, neutral appraiser. After inspection of the dismantled components, we provide an estimate of the amount and type of damage. In so doing, we make good use of our multifaceted, in-depth expertise in the design and manufacture of wind turbine components together with our knowledge of the visual appearance of damage, in order to determine the root cause, e.g. a design error.

If no agreement can be reached even after completion of the expert damage assessment, we arrange to send parts or imprints of components to an external laboratory that examines the material properties down to the smallest detail under a scanning electron microscope or other special testing equipment. The resulting photos and data are then provided to us and our specialists evaluate them and integrate the results into our expert report.

Monitoring and constant evaluation of the installation process on-site. Does the installation follow time-line and quality standards? Supervision during commissioning captures irregularities before operations are affected. On your behalf we provide technical expertise and are your eyes on the ground during erection, commissioning of your turbines.

Risk management by understanding the supply chain and punctual interventions as early as possible before time-lines are missed and / or operations is affected.

• Factory inspections of OEMs and component suppliers

• Logistics Monitoring – Planning, Review and Assessment

• Supervision of Loading Unloading

• Delivery Inspections and Storage On-Site

At certain points during operation or the prototyping phase of your component design a very in-depth opinion is required. Based on the experience of our engineers we gladly assist on this highest level and provide research support based on in-depth knowledge of drivetrain design and operational experience.

You suspect degradation of components or require research on the running system? We gladly assist setting up a tailored measurement regime. I.e. gearbox upgrades or new designs need to be tested in-depth before implemented in the field. We can assist you with our field engineering expertise to allow a smooth transition from the laboratory environment to real world application.

Your turbines do not generate as predicted, either the wind resource assessment is not accurate or the turbines do no meet the expected energy output.

Let us take a closer look and recommend improvements. We start with a review of the energy yield assumptions and an in-depth SCADA data review to recommend further steps.

Before investing in a wind energy project we can assist you checking the project company and its contractual framework from a technical point of view. In details we will check and review core aspects of the EPC, Turbine Supply Agreement, Operation and Maintenance Agreement, Asset Management Agreement and of course the technical capabilities of the contractual partners.

We ensure that you know all the technical facts to allow an informed decision making!

Owners, lenders and insurers need to be aware of the current operational risk of their project / investment. We assist our clients in reviewing the technical conditions on-site in the context of the operational agreements (i.e. insurance policy, maintenance agreement, asset management, condition monitoring). Based on the findings we create a risk matrix and recommend mitigation measures to reduce the operational risk. Especially in a hard insurance market it is important to be aware of the operational risk of your turbines in order to find the most adequate cover for your risk.

Please note this offering does not constitute insurance advisory services. The service will be carried out in conjunction with your registered insurance advisor.