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Inspection Services

We have a variety of industry proven on-site assessment to capture the condition of the wind turbines and its major components as stand alone inspections or to evaluate the magnitude of findings noticed by our Monitoring Services.

Wind energy generators of the multi-megawatt-class are highly sophisticated power plants, which require a considerable large investment. As the owner or insurer you need to be at all stages well informed of the condition of your assets. Our technical inspections not only assist in preventing errors before damages occur but as well as provide you with the relevant documentation over the complete life-cycle of your wind turbines.

“We assist our clients by implementing systems which allow data driven operations. We provide our knowledge to put the data into context in order to derive useful output which in long-term reduces downtimes, optimizes the operations of the assets.”

Our fields of expertise can provide you with services that complement and continue the work of our Monitoring Services. Condition Monitoring is a data driven approach. In some instances it is crucial to underpin findings of the condition monitoring systems with an on-site assessment. We take a closer look at reported irregularities in the operation of your wind turbine. The information provided through our inspection services will bring an even more detailed and comprehensive condition overview of your wind turbine.

Further we provide technical assessments as part of mitigation between the stakeholders.

All services can also be contracted from us independently per module or by packages tailored to the life-cycle of your wind turbines.

Selected Inspection Modules

Gearbox endoscopy provides us with a great tool for meaningful assessments of the overall condition of gears and bearings inside a gearbox without lowering the oil level. In combination with condition monitoring it can be used to assess magnitude of anomalies. By introducing a miniature camera, we can use the endoscope to look deep into the interior of the drivetrain and take meaningful pictures of otherwise not accessible components. Further we can correlate our measured results with the recorded visual data.

If anomalies are found during a video endoscopy, we recommend performing an oil analysis as well as taking a look at the condition of the oil filter. Certified laboratories analysis of the composition of the oil, give an indication of problems or impairments that might be present. For example, small particles could indicate changes in machine parts or it could be the presence of cross-contamination or changes in the base oil or the additives.

Our Wind Turbine Inspections follow guidelines of matured markets in order to certify the overall structural integrity and safe operation of the wind turbine. This inspection includes turbine documentation incl. maintenance reports, foundation, tower, welding seams and bolt connection of structural and safety relevant components. Electrical and mechanical components such as gearbox, hub-systems, obstacle lights are checked visually. Functional tests are performed regarding safe operation.

Using state of the art drones rotor blades, towers and power lines can be inspected efficiently at minimal downtime. The experience of our experts in the field makes the difference. In the Control Room our engineers can correlate the findings with documentation from erection or previous works on the blades and operational data if provided.

Many electrical cabinets are mass-produced these days. Combined with the fact that their technology is increasingly sophisticated but not necessarily more refined, this results in frequent defects which can be easily prevented. A thermographic image reveals where elevated temperatures indicate overload due to defective or loose components, for example.