Monitoring Services

State of the art Risk Management  Due to the size of investments in wind farm, asset management for modern wind turbines needs to be backed by state of the art risk management for informed decision making.

Our Health Monitoring Services combine Operations Monitoring and Condition Monitoring (online and mobile). In partnership with our clients we set up a regime tailored to technology of their wind turbines and their needs.

The continuous capturing and analysis of Operational Data (SCADA) allows to independently assess the wind turbines performance historically up to today, provides checks and balances and data sovereignty for our clients.

“We assist our clients by implementing systems which allow data driven operations. We provide our knowledge to put the data into context in order to derive useful output which in long-term reduces downtimes, optimizes the operations of the assets.”

Independent condition monitoring provides at any time an unbiased assessment of the technical condition of the drivetrain, the main components of the wind turbine. A sensor and measurement concept tailored to the drivetrain technology allows our diagnostic engineers to detect faults early and provide useful information to our clients to minimize the impact on the operations and to learn from these events to optimize the fleet.

In combination condition monitoring and operational data provides the basis for efficient life cycle management throughout the entire useful life of the wind farm.

Operations Monitoring Services

SCADA Data is generated on a continuous basis. For Wind Farm Management purposes 10 Minute averages are often sufficient in order to make use of machine- & deep-learning analysis tools higher data resolution e.g. 1 second values are required.

Not independently stored data is either lost or processed / averaged and may loose relevant information. A customers owned SCADA server on-site allows the capturing of high resolution operational data tailored to the current or future needs. Our solution is OEM and controller independent and will be configured to the projects needs, the data will be stored on securely in useful formats for later analysis.

Data collection of operational data is key to follow up on technical issues, identify derated wind turbines, optimize site specific parameters. In order to make sense of the vast pool of data in-depth knowledge of wind turbines operational characterisitcs, drivetrains and further subsystem is required. Based on our experience we assist with the data analysis and provide useful output for our clients.

Our experts and diagnostic engineers in our Control Room can provide back office support and remote assistance on an ad-hoc basis for wind turbine fleets and prototypes. By accessing the wind turbines life cycle documentation, operational data feed, the impression on-site can put into context and discussed with the technicians on-site.

Provided that the operational data stream is linked to our server setup our experts in the Control Room can monitor certain performance indicators and or set up automated alarms across the fleet to identify out-layers, under-performing wind turbines, deviations from the normal operational characterisitcs.

Condition Monitoring

Our online Condition Monitoring System (CMS) is tailored to the specific drivetrain design. A set of different sensors record vibrations in the form of structure-borne sound and other specific indicators, e.g. generated by the translational motion in the bearings and by the intermeshing of teeth in gearboxes.

Our diagnostic engineers program a measurement configuration for the specific drivetrain. Our clients benefit from tailored concept which results in a high diagnostic confidence with the aim if the early fault detection based in cutting edge technology.

Mobile measurements allow the temporary use of the known online condition monitoring systems. Thus, in addition to the vibrations in the drive train, displacements for example can also be measured. The measurements can last from a few hours up to months.

Gearbox oil can be analysed with the aid of online particle counters and oil quality sensors on the basis of many specific characteristic values.

Further system extensions are available to name a few, the displacement of drivetrain components can be monitored; strain of component surfaces; Rotor unbalance (aerodynamic and mass); the condition of the rotor blades can be monitored using different technologies.