Our Company Profile

etaWind is a Cape Town based engineering consultancy, specialising in renewable energy conversion systems, with a focal point in wind energy converters. The combination of hands-on experience and analytical skills makes us a strong and independent partner for stakeholders in the South African wind energy sector. The South African wind energy market is in its transition phase, with the first utility scale renewable energy projects reaching operational status. etaWind is prepared to assist not only owners, investors, insurers in understanding their assets, but as well as new investors in understanding the growing South African wind energy industry and its regulatory framework. Partnering with experienced independent service providers with over 20 years of experience in this industry, allows us to offer high quality services for your project and in the same token help you build a local South African knowledge base. Wind Energy is considered the most matured renewable energy technology. Modern wind energy converters of multi-megawatt class are designed to operate automatically 24 hours per day, 364 days per year and over a twenty five year lifespan. Our aim is to offer a complete portfolio of services for the project owner to aid in understanding the chosen technology and minimise the related risk of the complete operational lifetime. For this we combine local knowledge about the procurement process and its regulations, with a deep understanding of the technology. - We safeguard your investment

In order for etaWind to offer high quality services, we not only operate as a participant in the evolving wind energy market, but also as a contributor together with the relevant industry organisations. We at etaWind believe that local skills development is the key for integrating Wind Energy successfully and sustainably in the South African energy mix.