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We provide you with technical assistance for wind turbines from all manufacturers. That means we are not only flexible and familiar with the characteristics of a wide range of various systems, but above all we are also impartial in our technical assessments. So you can be rest assured that our findings are strictly based on technical expertise and considerations.



TWithin the company we combine experience of over a decade of comprehensive activity. In our Lifecycle-Management database system with complete damage and device characteristics for many thousands of wind turbines drivetrains and systematically assess the knowledge we acquire. Through our association with local and international institutions we are involved with specialised committees, working groups and research projects and of course always remain in close dialogue with many company leaders and wind turbine operators


With our premium products and services we have proven to be technological leaders and apply state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures. Along with continuous online condition monitor- ing of the drivetrain by our engineers from our Monitoring Centre, we are also consulted for expert reports and inspections. Our extensive knowledge of wind turbines’ lifecycles and their components has made us experts in our field.


etaWind is named after the greek symbol η (eta). The Greek symbol η is used to describe useful energy-output over energy-input of an energy conversion system or better known as the Efficiency. The physicist & wind energy pioneer Albert Betz described this theoretical limit for energy extracted out of the wind using the aerodynamic effect of 59.3%. etaWind strives to exhibit the same characteristics in managing its business and clients as the greek symbol “eta” itself. Whereby etaWind’s philosophy is not only to maximise the energy output of a plant, but also to manage “the useful-output” for the project owner.


We are based in Cape Town and committed to sustainable development. We all work together in the field of sustainable energy solutions to minimise further damages to the environment. We of eta Wind believe sustainability begins within the company by keeping long lasting partnerships with all employees, cooperating partners and of course our customers.

We are actively involved in local activities and skill transfer programmes to afford everybody the opportunity to participate in a sustainable green future.


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